Natural Breads Intensive Workshop 2017

September 11th and 12th, 2017

Waldoboro, Maine, USA

In association with the School of Natural Cookery, this adjunct coursework builds on the school's living language philosophy roots and exploration of natural creative processes.

The studio workshop aims to confer bread making knowledge and skills, from basic to professional; in addition to exploring the intuitive and scientific aspects of the process.  It will consist of two baking days, approximately 6-8 hours each day.  The days will alternate between instructor demonstrations and guided student hands-on tasks.

We will cover the stages of bread making; grains and flours, hand and machine mixing, fermentation, shaping and bread forms, scoring and loading, baking, and bread storage.  Styles will include commercially yeasted, culture leavened, natural-rise, sprouted grain, and a variety of flat breads.  We will primarily use Maine grown grains; wheat, rye, spelt, emmer, corn and others.  Seasonal fruits and vegetables will be available for edible creations and a simple shared lunch to accompany the abundant bread tasting.

The Waldoboro, Maine location is also the humble bakeshop of Brazen Baking. Participants will be able to utilize two soapstone reinforced deck ovens for hearth breads, a steam-injected mini-rack convection oven, a dough sheeter, mixers and other equipment. Some production volume batches will be made and students are encouraged to observe and/or assist at their comfort level.  This is a unique opportunity to practice dough shaping with two experienced bakers. 

Prior experience with SNC online breads is a necessary base for this training, but exceptions may be made upon verbal discussion with the instructor.

The workshop cost per student is $299. Please contact Jeff Dec,, for more information or to register.

From Away:
The midcoast area of Maine has many lodging, dining, and activity options. September is the finest weather and past the peak tourist season in "vacationland."

Fly In:
The Portland, Maine airport (PWM) is 90 minutes from our area. We generally travel through Portland as it is a very nice port city to visit.
Boston's Logan Airport (BOS) is 3 hours from our area, many more flight options, but more ground travel and traffic potential.
Bangor Maine (BGR) is another airport destination 90 minutes to us; also very convenient to the Acadia National Park region.

For lodging:
We love Camden, our picturesque village, where the mountains meet the sea. Many lodging options, a sate park with abundant hiking, and a busy harbor with classic schooners.
Rockport is a beautiful, sleepy harbor, but few lodging options.
Rockland is a larger town with art museums, more dining options, and a funkier, grittier populace.
Belfast is a bit further north, but also beautiful and funky; a down to earth town.

The bread workshops are scheduled to take place at our bakery 30 minutes from Camden, in the village of Waldoboro.  We can carpool from the Camden/Rockport area.  We are also hoping to add some group activities around the workshop times.

More information will be shared as plans develop and September nears.  Please join us!