boldly grown In rugged northern maine

stone rolled and stone ground In Skowhegan

Small batch crafted in the midcoast


With Lean crunch and full flavor,

Flatbread skinnies

will stand up to any charcuterie, cheese, soft spread, or preserve

Our Flatbread Skinnies were born out of both inspiration and curiosity. How could we promote and preserve the incredible flavor of our local stone milled grains? With an excess of rolled grains and a bit of bread waiting time, we brazenly tried something new. One happy accident later, things tasted good! After much trial and error, head scratching and fine tuning, flatbread skinnies were born.

Every batch of Flatbread Skinnies is treated with the same dedication and care as our loaf breads. They are made with 100% Maine Grown Whole grains and Maine Grown flour. We toast, scald and ferment these grains to create a healthy, flavorful, energy rich food.

The Skinnies family includes five flavors:

  • Sourdough Rye

  • Sesame Spelt

  • Sunflower Oat

  • Multi-Seed

  • Buttermilk Herb


Maine Grown

Maine milled

Maine made