A bread share is a subscription that ensures your household has the best table breads available.  

Bread varieties will vary every week.  Have to miss a pickup?  Let us know ahead of time and we will ensure you get a loaf at another time. 

For more than one loaf each week, purchase more than one share. 

Weekly pick ups options are:

Tuesdays after 4PM at Sammy's Deluxe in Rockland  or

Wednesdays after 8AM at zoot in Camden

We are currently offering shares for the first 3 weeks of March for $15.  We will be taking some time off and returning to the bakery in May.  

Choose whole grain goodness for the heart of winter. Purchase Bread Share Here

Alternative pick up locations may be available. Any product requests, special orders, or delivery holds must be made before noon on Mondays. Please note that if you do not pick up your bread during the scheduled pickup time, we cannot guarantee that it will still be waiting for you the next day.

We strive to make this service as convenient as possible for you.  If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email brazenmaine at gmail.com